Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seriously, I've Been Working :0)

These are just a few designs that I've recently drawn and colored...
We are taking them to all the stores starting, well, yesterday...
The Lil Girl Angel was named Cassie after our Beautiful Grand daughter..
That was only after drawing it and seeing a bit of a resemblance.
The Kitty and Mouse Hubb's named...

This Lil Angel is Angel Anne..
For some reason I do not have her in my pics folder as she was finished..

Wow, sure wish I could remember their names :0)...This is the almost finished design for Trick or Treat night..

And>>>> WoW,,,while these cards were being designed, GOD in all HIS Majesty was busy designing even better real masterpieces!!!!

Hugsss LOVE and Prayers Everyone!!!
 Back to my desk now.~~~Dena


  1. Oh I love them. And that last picture of they sky is amazing!

  2. Wow - you do beautiful work! Amazing :)

  3. Beautiful drawings Dena! Took a moment to look around and love it! I especially love the Angel Annie!

    Much love to you sister and thank you for your PRAYERS and encouragement!