Monday, October 3, 2011

Soooooo Loving To Color!!!!

THANKFULLY I've been busy designing for the Autumn and Christmas Season's~~~~

She has no name yet...

Autumn Leaves....

This is one of our copyrighted Chippels... We have tried to begin a Kids line of stories, but are too busy to continue it for right now that is. When GOD is ready we will finish the stories :0)

Cherry Chippel

Star Wreath

And on my drawing board now is one we are naming "Santa Knows" .. Its our version of Santa kneeling over Baby Jesus... I'll add a pic of him in a week or so.
Plus There is a cute lil Elephant, that is in need of coloring for our new Belated Birthday Card.. These will be going into our card displays real soon!!!! THANKS everyone for stiopping by...
You are all in my prayers.... Hugs with LOVE included~~~Dena


  1. I love your drawings! Would you draw one for me? For my blog..Theme..Dancing with the holy spirit
    Love Emma